The Autopsy of Jane Doe’s Red Band Trailer Confirms That Morgues Are Frightening – Trailer Review

Any time a fly comes out of a corpse and the “dead” body starts bleeding is when I stop being a coroner. It’s nice to see knock off Leo DiCaprio in a role that appears to be substantial alongside another underrated talent in Brian Cox. By the way, I love Emile Hirsch, but that’s been the running joke for the actor since he came into Hollywood.

This was short trailer with plenty of bone crunching and blood dripping tension that would definitely scare me within the first few seconds while making sure not to give anything away. I don’t know what the heck this film is about beyond the corpse definitely being possessed by something, and that Hirsch and Cox are father and son coroners.

I am not all into horror films like some of you, but I can always appreciate a film recruiting serious talent for their film to get dorks like me to see it. It received great reviews from TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and will be in theaters December 21st of this year.

SCORE: “I’m nervous, but I’ll see it”


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