I Refuse To Take This Rumor Seriously About Anna Kendrick as Robin & So Should You

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We know Ben Affleck is Batman and will taking the reigns as writer, director, and star of his solo Batman movie (rumored to be titled The Batman) and his recent The Accountant co-star and cutie pie Anna Kendrick may have started yet another Robin rumor. Before I go any further, I don’t think this holds much weight at all as the picture details on its own.

There were rumors that Jenna Malone (The Neon Demon) was going to possibly be playing Carrie Kelly aka the Robin from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, but clearly that didn’t turn out to be true at all, and I’m okay with that.

Of all the Robins to choose from, it’d be so f**king stupid if you went with the one I’m pretty sure most fans like the least. Not only that, but Carrie Kelly’s character doesn’t fit comfortably anywhere in the DCEU that Zack Snyder has created for us. To be fair, if Kendrick was cast in the DCEU as someone else I’d be all for it. It has nothing to do with Kendrick herself at all, but rather the fit of the character everyone is starting to think she should play.

Kendrick also posed with Deathstroke actor Joe Manganiello who will be the villain for Batfleck’s solo film. That still doesn’t mean much to be, but if for whatever reason this does happen, I imagine it turning out differently than the little high school girl dressed in spandex running around with a 40-something year old Batman in this universe in particular. She is a character than works (barely IMO) in the comics and film adaptation, but she would take the seriousness out of Batman if put on screen.

Source: ScreenRant


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