The Predator Loses Benicio del Toro and Gains Narcos Star Boyd Holbrook

Image result for benicio del toro sicario

I’ve only gotten through a couple episodes of Netflix’s Original Series Narcos, but let me tell you that Narcos is awesome television, and Boyd Holbrook is great so far. I’m definitely not thrilled that Fox couldn’t get a deal done with del Toro, but it’s a fascinating choice to go with someone as different as Holbrook.

Shane Black will be directing The Predator as well as writing and it looks like the film will work on adding more star power to the cast with Del Toro out of the film. Thankfully, Fox knows what Holbrook can do as an actor seeing he has been in now three films for the studio (Logan, Gone Girl, and Morgan) and now Black can try to bring on some other actors to add to the bolster the film.

Black is coming off the incredibly under-seen film The Nice Guys which starred Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in a 70’s cop comedy.

Del Toro is going to be starring in the sequel to his hit cartel film Sicario which also starred Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin. The film was delayed in hopes that he could do The Predator as well as his other movies, but clearly that just didn’t pan out.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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