Quentin Tarantino Could Be Directing His Next Film Set In The 70’s

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Anytime Tarantino news surfaces on the interwebs, it’s something to explore. The man is a powerhouse as a writer and director and pure storyteller in general. We all know his violent, but gorgeously captured scenes along with his constant and biting dialogue, but we can’t undermine his diversity in genres.

The man has given us gangster films, blaxploitation movies, westerns, a war film, and even a martial arts film, but now we could be getting a 1970’s set film… But that’s all I have so far. Tarantino gives us nuggets of excitement almost every time he opens his mouth and we have to walk on eggshells with some of the things he says he wants to do because we know they all won’t come true.

While speaking at a film festival in Lyon’s France, Tarantino was asked about why he was researching the 1970’s in particular, his response was this”

“…by the end of 1967, new Hollywood had won, only they didn’t know it yet. And Old Hollywood was over by 67 even though they didn’t know it yet.”

Tarantino also had these comments to make:

“Am I going to write a book? Maybe. Is it going to be a six-part podcast? Maybe. A feature documentary? Maybe. I’m figuring it out.”

These are all fairly vague comments that have helped me deduce very little other than obvious speculation. Q.T. has flirted heavily with the idea of breaking into other mediums to tell his stories or express himself whether it be with a book, a play, documentaries, or even television, but it sounds he could break away from the genre picks all together and discuss film itself if I’m reading this correctly.

Q.T. is arguably one of the biggest film obsessives in Hollywood and he lives and breathes movies so it’s not farfetched for him to want to do what Scorsese did with his film Hugo and maybe make his own homage to film and cinema. To help clarify my speculation, he also stated:

“…anything that even smacked of Old Hollywood was dead on arrival.”

Whatever that means…

All I know is this, whatever Tarantino decides to create, I will see it or own it immediately. He’s too great a creator to be concerned and depending on who you ask, he hasn’t made a poor film yet to this very day, and he is more than capable of flowing into another medium to create.

Source: ScreenRant & Deadline




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