Justice League: First Look At Amber Heard’s Mera Queen of Atlantis

Zack Snyder has finished production on his follow up to Batman v Superman and it will likely be a whole lot bigger with loads more characters, one of them being the Queen of Atlantis herself, Mera. Snyder released concept art and a time lapse video of the steps her design went through as well as a photo he took of her on set that you can see below.

Snyder is a masterful visual director, we know that, and that is all confirmed once again thanks to this picture. Mera is Arthur Curry aka Aquaman’s right hand woman, his queen, and his love. She was more known to new and old comic book readers when she was given more a story and description in the New 52 renditions of her and Aquaman.

Mera is an Atlantean sorceress who can manipulate water, similar to a water bender from Avatar: The Last Airbender to help some of you out, and is incredibly powerful while being equally as fearless. Her look is spot on with what a real life version of her would likely resemble. Her armored outfit seems equally fashionable as it is functional for a powerful Atlantean queen and I’d imagine her swimming with that weight is nothing to her or other Atlanteans, but that’s to be determined.

She will make her first ever film appearance in Justice League next year alongside her powerful king played by Jason Momoa and will also appear in James Wan’s directed Aquaman solo film in the years following.

Source: IGN


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