Guy Ritchie Could Be Directing A Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ Movie For Disney

John August wrote the script for the live-action version, which sources say will keep many of the musical elements of the original.

We knew it was coming at some point, but I think we were all hoping it just fell to the waste-side of Disney’s idea bin. Aladdin is one of Disney’s best and most beloved films – like all other live-action films to this point – but there is one specific element to this film in particular that takes this film to a whole new level and that’s the late great Robin Williams.

Guy Ritchie is a director with one of the more unique and specific styles all to his own in film making and having him take on something such as Aladdin is far from anyone I would have tagged as a director of the tale the way we know it from the 1992 version, but I have to believe Disney has something up their sleeve if they are so comfortable bringing up Ritchie’s name.

It’s being reported that the film may choose to tell the story in a non-linear fashion which a is style mostly seen Quentin Tarantino films and specifically Guy Ritchie films.

John August is the screenwriter for the film and will be keeping most of the original songs in the film, but that is to be determined if it’s a good idea or not since the Genie himself has many memorable songs and moments that make the film what it is. Am I excited? It’s hard to say, but I just want to hold out all my hope for Beauty and the Beast and now Jon Favreau’s The Lion King adaptation.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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