Justice League Wraps Up Production, Zack Snyder Gives Us Promo Featurette

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has finished production blah blah blah, good news, much excited, very wow, but can we talk about how much fun it must be to work with and hang out with Jason Momoa?! As if people didn’t love the ruggedly handsome badass before, he is now one of the coolest looking people I’ve ever seen. There’s something about these islanders that they have charisma that could fill a whole tribe.

Now that the gushing is over, let’s discuss this little featurette…it’s wonderful, just wonderful, and it is really working at selling a film that looks to be a whole lot of fun. But this all goes back to what I’ve shouted from the rooftops before, the tone isn’t the problem!

I am glad to see everyone is having fun working on the film, that’s always a promising visual to have, but it doesn’t mean a good film just yet. At least for now, this makes me just as excited as I was before if not a tad more simply because the film is finally finished shooting.


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