War For the Planet of the Apes Teaser: War Is Coming… – Trailer Review

I’ll keep this short, but how excited are you to see Caesar take on the human race in hopes of protecting his own? As Kristian Harloff of the Schmoes Know says, “APES ON HORSES!”, and that’s what I’m looking forward too.

Andy Serkis as Caesar has been a treat to watch evolve as a character and may have become of the most powerful characters to for me to have seen grow on screen in my lifetime. The teaser shows a snow covered mirage of sorts as Caesar (Andy Serkis) warns us of the impending doom and bloodshed that often happens in war.

I have a feeling the full trailer is going to rip my soul out and stomp on it because not only were the first two films surprising in all ways, but they have gotten better to this point with more room to grow. This is a reassurance that this film is happening and is very much coming for us in the coming year.

SCORE: “Ape no kill ape”


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