Suicide Squad Will Have An Extended Edition On Blu-Ray, Will It Help?

Extended Editions of films have become a recent obsession of mine ever since I saw the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions and now things like alternate versions or directors cuts of films have taken stage as a significant element to the home video experience. With DC having given us 30 extra minutes of valuable footage for Batman v Superman while IMO making the film dramatically better than before, I can only hope the same for Suicide Squad. 

I did not love Suicide Squad as a whole film, but there are elements that I enjoy immensely, just not enough for me to call it a good movie. What I was originally getting from the Suicide Squad trailers was something entirely different than what I expected. What I had hoped was going to be antithesis to the superhero movie was actually more a more dimly lit (literally) version of Guardians of the Galaxy. While that sounds cool, it wasn’t executed in a fashion that worked.

Hearing we can get 13 extra minutes of footage always excites me, but I’m not sure I can believe the issues I had with the film will be fixed with just what are likely more Joker scenes. If that is the case, maybe we can get more character development that before or maybe a glimpse at what could have been with the film as a whole.

Nonetheless, I just think they should suck it up and release these versions of films beforehand or just work on the editing a whole lot more. The issue wasn’t the full blown content, but the clear reshoots and how they didn’t fit properly into the film that you knew it wasn’t always trying to be.


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