Sleepless: Jamie Foxx Stars In His Own Version Of Taken and It Looks Awesome – Trailer Review

Jamie Foxx is world class when he wants to be, but he hasn’t been in some of the best movies over the years. He is an Oscar winner with a range as wide as his musical abilities with a face that can still do action as much as he wants. In the trailer for Sleepless, it doesn’t look like the film is going for much else other than a corrupt cop centric film that sprinkles a little bit of Liam Neeson’s Taken for good measure.

The trailer is cut and edited incredibly and that person should get an Oscar for Best Cut Trailer of the Year because the music and punches and cocked guns worked each time for me throughout. The cast is solid with a muted T.I. as Jamie Foxx’s partner, an always beautiful Michelle Monaghan, and Scoot McNeary.

This could come out as a film that is complete garbage that you see with your friends while under the influence or it could be exactly like Taken that surprises us all. Either way, I like Jamie Foxx and I want him in more films and I have to see it.

SCORE: “I just hope Jamie Foxx is good”


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