Gamers Beware Because We Are Getting A Gears of War Movie From Universal

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Before I say anything further, I want you guys to travel on over to RagTagRiot for all your gaming news and commentaries. They are wonderful and partners of mine with content galore (far more than I tend to have) and they (including me) will be keeping you posted on video game movies and what will come from them in the future.

That being said, they’re making a Gears of War film. Knowing from the reactions of my gaming friends out there, no one really likes video game movies that much, and they have reason to scowl. Their reputations have been mostly negative or unintentionally comical without there being a keystone film that has brought the film genre to life, but I have to imagine this could be a film that has a quality chance of doing that.

Not that they are the same, but the way Doug Liman directed Edge of Tomorrow is exactly how I’d want a Gears of War film to at least look like. Marcus Fenix is the protagonist of the games, but it’s unconfirmed whether or not the story will revolve around his character or if the mythology and story line will be original.

The war meets sci-fi genre is always a rich place to mine cinematic gold, but even with an incredible property already established to gamers across the globe, that doesn’t guarentee a good movie by any stretch. We thought Warcraft could assist in bringing the genre to life, but now we rest our hopes on Assassin’s Creed for now.

Source: Variety


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