Mad Max’s Nicholas Hoult To Portray Nikola Tesla in Film ‘The Current War’

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One of the people I’ve always clamored for get have a biopic made on them was always Nikola Tesla, one of the real geniuses of history whose poor choice in business partners and misfortunes mixed with endless bad luck left him in the shadows until many years after his death. His rivalry with Thomas Edison is know stuff of legend and worth exploring through a film narrative and Hoult is a talented and surprising pick for the role.

Also cast is Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon with Cumberbatch portraying Tesla’s fierce rival Thomas Edison while Michael Shannon will portray George Westinghouse.

An interesting bit of info for myself came when TheWrap reported that the film will come from a script from 2011 Blacklisted of Best Unproduced Screenplays. Awfully high praise for something no thought was worth making. Also on board is Me and Earl and the Dying Girl director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon set to go behind the camera which is fascinating due to the setting of his other film (being in Pittsburgh) and George Westinghouse was established in Pennsylvania, small tidbit there.

At this point, you can’t mistake the incredible talent around this film as a fluke. They were quickly brought on or chose to be a part of a magnifying project that involves one of the most fascinating rivalries in the history of our world. The fight for literal power and figurative power will be the focus in the aptly titled The Current War and I’m sure it will surprise us soon enough.

Source: TheWrap


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