Ben Affleck May Have A Title For His Solo Batman Film

Image result for ben affleck the accountant

Ben Affleck from a scene from The Accountant

The hype behind Ben Affleck’s Batman films became far more interesting once the confirmation of Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke surfaced from Affleck’s twitter feed, but we may have a title for the film and it’s short and sweet.

During a press junket for Affleck’s upcoming film The Accountant, Affleck revealed that he is still working on the script with President of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns, but for now the title is simply The Batman. After having The Dark Knight trilogy it’s a clear cut reason to call this set of films The Batman Trilogy. You may think that the title is simple and painfully literal, but The Batman is a title that is said with a connotation that personifies and amps the legend of “The Batman”, and with the rendition of the Caped Crusador we’ve now got, the mythos and title fit.

There’s no release date for The Batman just yet, but Affleck seems to be on a role with films he’s directed and written as of late and he still has The Accountant coming out (he only stars in the film),and Live By Night which may gain Oscar buzz from Warner Brothers.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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