Screenwriter of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ To Pen Antoine Fuqua’s ‘Scarface’ Remake

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Terence Winter, writer of the hit film The Wolf of Wall Street and creator of the HBO series Vinyl is returning to writing for films and this time it’s for a project we’ve had our curiosities about, and that is Antoine Fuqua’s Scarface remake.

Terence Winter is right at home with the world of gangsters and crime dramas. Not only did he write for Martin Scorsese (while not a gangster film), he has written for the iconic gangster show The Sopranos which is widely considered one of the best shows ever made. A screenwriter of his caliber is great news for a Scarface remake for a plethora of reasons, but also because it brings gravitas to a remake that many consider to be another ploy to earn the studio tons of money.

Director and writer Oliver Stone penned the 1983 version we all know and treasure with the direction of one Brian de Palma which later transcended the world of cinema. The news that really excites me the most is that Variety reported that

Winter is also working on a project I had heard of only for it to vanish in detail, and that is the Mike Tyson biopic that would star Jamie Foxx. On the other side of that coin, Winter is supposedly writing a Lebron James biopic as well.

Source: Variety



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