Wonder Woman’s Current Iteration Confirmed to Be Bisexual, Will This Flow Into Movies? – Let’s Talk

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Comic book characters change and transform nearly every other issue in some cases and they reflect the realities of the world we live in at that present time. Wonder Woman is without a doubt one of the most iconic female figures in pop culture and is simply just one of the best superheroes ever created. No seriously, she is one of the greatest fictional characters ever created, and as I reiterate that to you I want you to take a moment to see if you all of a sudden hated her all because of this news. Let the dumb settle.

Not to sound pretentious, but how could you not see this coming if you are a Wonder Woman fan? She oozes sexual appeal to both men and women while promoting powerful and confident traits that make her appealing to nearly all genders we have and living on an island of just abnormally gorgeous women without seeing men makes for an interesting problem doesn’t it? Yes, she has had love interests in the past that have been men, but the characteristic that makes her what she is revolves around her never needing a man to help her do anything! The woman is feminism symbol and creation by a guy that helped create the lie detector and that same man was married to a feminist! Does that automatically make her a lesbian or bisexual? HELL NO IT DOESN’T, but can we sit back and realize how naturally flowing the idea of a lesbian Wonder Woman actually is?

To flip to the other side for a moment, if there were people who found her heterosexual relationships more of a well told story arc and that the chemistry was more naturally written then yeah I’d agree with you, but we also don’t have any other real form of comparison with her romantic relationships to go off of yet, and it’d be a joke to try to compare something that isn’t fully formed. To the sweaty comic book historians and purists, that’s fine to like what you like about your Amazonian warrior, but if you’re a real comic book fan then you know that Wally West has been a ginger and has also been black. We have an Asian Superman, but we still have Clark Kent. It’s the core of the character that should remain (more or less) the same, not the personal tabloid type details people love to gravitate towards.

At her core, Wonder Woman is a definitive representation of love and equality and confidence and so much more which has since garnered praise from all different groups of people in this world that has gone fairly unchanged. LBGT groups have always supported the character of Wonder Woman, as have feminists, and men who tell their daughters to emulate beyond their own moms. Wonder Woman doesn’t, isn’t, and shouldn’t be tied down by her sexuality. Agree with it or not and I won’t be mad at you, but just remember this, Peter Parker was replaced by a clone once, Wonder Woman was a 70’s Austin Powers extra with no powers, and we’ve been given three terrible Fantastic Four movies. There are worse things to be concerned and frustrated about, like, I dunno, elections and violence and what meal to order at Applebees.



Source: Comicosity


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