Fast & Furious Director To Helm Hot Wheels Movie

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Justin Lin is coming off of directing the most recent of the new Star Trek films and will be going back to direct a movie about cars and wheels and racing shenanigans. Yep, he’s directing a Hot Wheels movie, but not only that, Lin will be producing and funding the film as well as directing through his Perfect Storm Productions.

Lin is known for his work on the Fast and Furious franchise as the director for Tokyo Drift all the way to Fast 6. While all of us know what Hot Wheels are, I bet you weren’t aware they are the number one selling toy item of all time (or something) and Mattel has made butt loads of cash thanks to these little things, but to make a movie on them makes us ask a now common question, why?

We always go back to the Lego Movie as reference on how to make a really quality film based off of a famous kids toy or novelty item or game, but with Legos you can literally build worlds and narrative can transform as easily as the buildings and block creations. With Hot Wheels that’s a bit different when you look at what little you have to work with. There aren’t any characters nor anything but the tracks and the really suped up cars and I’d imagine the best way to go about it is to make it a real racing movie.

Let this be a better version of Speed Racer and Need For Speed and just make it animated or totally ridiculous from the jump. I want really dope, unrealistic vehicles racing on tracks that defy gravity, not some silly “embedded in reality” style film that takes any fun out of the product. We will see.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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