Adam Driver Drives a Bus In ‘Paterson’ To A Poetic Narration In Latest Trailer – Trailer Review

As one of the crowd favorites at pretty much every Film Festival around, Adam Driver (The Force Awakens, Girls) portrays a bus driver in Paterson New Jersey named…Paterson. Yeah it’s about as indie as you can get with that one, but the charm is all there and works in its favor. Somehow making a small town in of all states like New Jersey look that beautiful is what will likely be the take from the film itself and the themes it wants to convey.

It’s got a pretty impressive cast to go along with it while presenting a dark comedic tone while likely presenting some real emotional depth through the poetry the main character writes and the apparent conflicts he faces within the timeline of the story.

To say I’m excited and fascinated by this film is an understatement and it may contend for some awards come January and has an award friendly release date of December 28th of this year.

THOUGHTS: “I feel cordially invited to a place I never thought I’d want to go” 


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