The Latest Trailer For ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ Is Spellbinding – Trailer Review

With the Potterverse only getting larger with each page written and each film getting a magical trailer to follow, Fantastic Beasts is no different. Giving us a deeper look at the world we will be jumping through as the film roles on, we get to see many of the magical creatures and muggle/non-muggles as their interactions become more intertwined than ever.

We get to see a powerfully present Colin Farrell in what appears to be a possible villain alongside Ezra Miller which adds an even more intriguing addition to an already colorful premise, and I couldn’t want this anymore. The trailer does a great job at setting what the specific characters roles are as well as what they will be in order to tie in to what will likely be a whirling dervish of magical events and beasts galore.

I don’t think I need to hype you up for another Harry Potter based film that comes out this year, but treat yourself to an appetizer before the main course of this film and watch the trailer and tell me what you all think about it down below and share this for those souls who haven’t seen the trailer yet.

SCORE: “Definitely want to see!”


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