Disney and Jon Favreau To Start Developing Live-Action Lion King Film

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It wasn’t too long after the success of Favreau’s recent Disney project The Jungle Book for the studio and director to begin taking another iconic property from Disney vaults. That’s right, The Lion King will now begin production and development and it’s no surprise. While we may not love every live-action film that’s come from Disney, they make a butt load of cash nearly every time, and Disney loves making money.

Favreau was critically praised for his work on The Jungle Book, but we also have films like Alice In Wonderland (didn’t like at all), Cinderalla (pleasantly surprised), and Beauty and the Beast not coming out soon enough, but as the one guy who finds the recent Jungle Book slightly over-hyped, I have one caveat, I don’t want any humans.

That’s no offense to the young actor who played Mogley (Neel Sethi), but the poor kid was literally working with no one around him to bounce his acting skills off of and for me it showed. I was floored by the CGI at most points and how the realism and violence translated which leads me to my next point, are they going to show the iconic deaths in this film and will they be as visceral as they were in the animated classic? The stampede or hyena chases or the final gladiator like match between Scar and Simba. These are things I need to be hit with the utmost delicacy because they were landmarks in animation in 1994 so they held more weight, but can a live-action film bring the magic to fans like it does to this day?

I don’t know, I can’t expect anything I cherish to be left alone, but the Hans Zimmer scores and the Tim Rice/Elton John combo can’t be re-matched in any way and the songs are what make the film so iconic. The voice actors will have to be more than precise as well if you want fans to respect the project moving forward, and you can’t replace James Earl Jones too easily nor Jeremy Irons. Good luck and long live the king.

Source: ScreenRant


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