We May Be Getting A Prequel To ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ And Furiosa Will Be The Focus

I don’t want to make you all drool with anticipation just yet, but from unconfirmed reports we could be seeing a prequel to the surprise hit that was Mad Max: Fury Road. What makes this rumor more fascinating isn’t that George Miller is returning, while that is a bonus, but that it will be about the scene stealing star that is Charlize Theron’s Furiosa.

The shouting for a sequel or another film to this revived franchise came swift and unexpectedly as the movie received praise critically and financially and later garnered six Oscars to prove itself even further. Miller seemed exhausted after shooting the film for nearly seven months and claimed there wasn’t likely to be any type of sequels for awhile.

As much as we love Max and Tom Hardy’s portrayal, it ended up not being his film, but to be fair it was great storytelling that gave us a new character we that deserved her own movie. Not to mention that Theron and Hardy were reported to have not gotten along while shooting together and it showed in a beneficial way by the end. If the sequel ends up actually being a prequel to Fury Road, Theron’s Furiosa will not have met Max by that point which can give a detailed history to her past we seem to be more eager for by the day.

Source: The Guardian


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