The Latest Trailer For ‘Loving’ Will Move You Instantly – Trailer Review

From the acclaimed director of Mud and Midnight Special, Jeff Nichols has thrown his name into the Oscar contention early on with his latest film Loving. Starring Joel Edgerton (Warrior, Black Mass) and Ruth Negga, Loving tells the powerful and heartbreaking true story of an interracial couple in 1967 that fought for their right to be married even with their ethnicity being different which ended up becoming the famous case through the Supreme Court titled Loving v. Virginia.

Nichols has grown to be one of the most impressive young directors on the indie scene, but also in general with stories that take the human element to their fullest potential whether fictional or not. Sadly, me and nearly the rest of the world were able to see his sci-fi adventure Midnight Special for some reason, but hearing he did a great job on that as well says a lot.

The film was nominated to compete for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and is receiving critically loved reviews along the way. It’s a topic that you think would not be topical in this day in age, but I’m sure it’s going to hit on points that still speak volumes to America’s current status socially and economically and the divides that be. I imagine shedding some tears while I feel a rage come on when I see this movie mainly because that’s what happened when I watched the trailer. That speaks volumes in of itself.

SCORE: “Must see!”


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