Passengers: Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence Wake Up Too Early…In Space – Trailer Review

The glossy nature of the pictures and posters of this film nearly destroyed the positive buzz of the idea of this film and once we heard that a trailer was soon near the air had nearly stalled the sails. Thankfully, this trailer wasn’t something we need scoff at. Sure, two beautiful people just happen to wake up in space and fall in love, but the sad truth to it all is that if they weren’t the two biggest stars in the world there’d be even less buzz.

At first the trailer did exactly what I thought it would do, but was wise in taking a more serious and science fiction turn to really delve into the story beyond the romance and that’s what has me focused like a hawk on where this film can go.

The mystery aspect intrigues me in all sorts of ways because when I see science-fiction films my mind looks like that “Aliens” meme with the dude from History Channel, but it doesn’t appear to be that kind of film so where they go from there has be worth watching. Still, in future films or most sci-fi, it’s funny the only options seem to be a really sleek and shimmering future or a desolate, dystopian world where war destroyed the planet…should be interesting.

SCORE: “Cautiously optimistic”


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