Jared Leto To Star In Andy Warhol Biopic With ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Writer

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While we didn’t see as much of Jared Leto in Suicide Squad like we had hoped, the actor and singer is reported to be producing an Andy Warhol biopic with Michael De Luca and Terence Winter (writer of Wolf of Wall Street). 

The combination of these three men oozes brilliance and excitement as De Luca has produced two impressive biopics in The Social Network and Captain Philips while Leto won an Oscar having played a gay man with aids in Dallas Buyer’s Club already (Warhol was openly gay) and Winter being great at writing controversial and flawed characters as seen in the show he created (Boardwalk Empire) and having written Martin Scorsese’s debauchery filled epic that is The Wolf of Wall Street.

Andy Warhol is one of the icons of history that you can recognize from a picture of him to his artwork alone. One of the few openly gay celebrities of his time in the 60’s, his Howard Hughs like battle with mental illness is what unfortunately ended up running his life leaving him often a loner or somewhere everyone could see him.

From reports, this will not be a small film, but rather a more mainstream production that isn’t afraid to have a budget or gain a grandiose size once the production begins. I can see what direction that would be since The Wolf of Wall Street was exactly that. With so many pieces fitting together already with the mutual desires by all involved so far, the only thing left to ask is who will direct? I’m not sure how Marty Scorsese would like making a film about a gay man with the themes of his films in the past sort of going against that, but I could see someone of the caliber stepping up to direct.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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