The People’s Picks: YOUR Top 10 Favorite Films Part #1


If you didn’t see my last post, I asked for volunteers of all types to list their favorite films from descending order (I think that means 1-10), and they sent me their films through their own subjective lenses. I wanted to start doing this mainly because I have this weird love for making lists, but it also allows me to see different people’s tastes in films and I can hear why those movies impacted them so much.

Albert V. 

Image result for first blood

1. First Blood (1982): “One of my favorite endings to a movie as well as the ending theme song” “This movie makes you realize  that no matter how much of a service  you are to your society and how many friends you have, it’s just you against the world.”

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2. Rocky (1976):  “It gave me a training montage theme that I can always work out to”

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3. Scarface (1983):  “Lots of memorable quotes and scenes” “You eventually learn there isn’t just good and bad, but simply different perspectives”

Image result for scarface

4. Back to the Future (1986): “An all around fun movie I can watch over and over again”

Image result for back to the future

5. The Terminator (1984): “Love the dark and gritty tone as well as dark 80’s sci-fi synthesizer music”

Image result for terminator

6. Return of the Jedi (1983): “To bring this into context, I was watching Star Wars before the prequels i.e. whiny Christian Haydensen…” “It’s not until ROTJ that you see underneath Vader to reveal that he’s just a broken man..”

Image result for return of the jedi

7. Batman Returns (1992): “Overall Batman Returns was a misunderstood movie, IMO. Very sad that they never followed through with the Catwoman follow up movie i.e. to continue the story of Michelle Pfeifers Catwoman after she got her vengeance.”

Image result for batman returns

8. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982): “Leaps and bounds better than the previous film of its time. Ricardo Montalban as the vengeful Kahn Noonian Singh, an aging Captain Kirk coming to grips that his passion lies in commanding a star ship and not behind the desk as aging Admiral”

Image result for star trek the wrath of khan

9. Transformers: The Movie (1986): “The art was leaps and bounds better than the original TV show and they were able to bring back the classic voice talent for the much darker movie version.”

Image result for transformers the movie

10. Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981): “The classic ending to Friday 2 is one of my favorites.”

Image result for friday the 13th part 2

Jake H.

I would like to begin this by saying that this was far more difficult than I could have ever imagined. I found it far too difficult to choose from the list of 135 movies I made to choose from, and I guarantee that I missed so many on that list alone. Soooo, I made my top 10 with a list of my favorite movies from my favorite genres. I will stop trying to add an asterisk next to my list and own my decisions. And, here  we…go.
1. Star Wars (trilogy): “Sci-Fi is my jam and this far-far-away universe has force pushed its way into my nerdy heart for years now. Love the characters, books, comics, video games and most of the movies so far!
Image result for star wars trilogy
2. The Dark Knight (2008) – “It’s hard to tell if this is my favorite comic book movie of all time, but it’s easy to say that this movie had it all: story, action, romance, heroes & villains. Also, a marvelous swansong to the late Heath Ledger.”
Image result for the dark knight
3. Deadpool (2016)– “Best action-comedy ever and it helps that it’s the most accurate comic book adaptation to date. Mic drop on a plate of chimichangas!”
Image result for deadpool
4. GhostBusters (1984) – “Listen…You smell that?” It’s the smell of Bill Murray getting his own special category and making the list in epic fashion! Come on! It’s Bill Eff’n Murray.”
Image result for ghostbusters
5. Die Hard (1988) – “It’s probably no surprise that this movie could make a top 10, but you may be surprised that I chose it bc it’s my vote for greatest Christmas movie of all time!”
Image result for die hard
6. Golden Eye (1995) – “Hard to choose just one Bond film but this one was the best! Maybe it was the combo of great film + revolutionary FPS game, but this is the film that always comes to my mind when I think.“Bond, James Bond”.”
Image result for goldeneye
7. Good Will Hunting (1997) – “As for award winning movies…I was introduced to this movie years after the fact and found it to be brilliant and fell-in-love with the Robin Williams/Matt Damon interactions.”
Image result for good will hunting
8. Zoolander (2001) – “We all have that one movie that initiated years of adolescent quoting between friends…this was the one for my dysfunctional friend group.”
Image result for zoolander
9. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002) – “I struggled to choose my favorite college movie, but ultimately Ryan Reynolds won my heart yet again. Thanks in no small part to Kal Penn I should add.
Image result for van wilder
10. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) –  “I had to throw my go to date-night/chick-flick in the top 10. A perfect mix of funny, quirky and romantic that always kept me on board.
Image result for how to lose a guy in 10 days
Well this was way too stressful and I blame Travis Gunn. Thanks buddy!
– Jake Hubble from Ragtag Partners

 Andy H. 
Image result for in time
1. In Time (2011): “I get other movies on this list are cinematically better in comparison, however, I love the concept of this movie so much that it holds a special place in my heart.”
Image result for in time
2. Pulp Fiction (1994): “….Need I say more?”
Image result for pulp fiction
3. Fruitvale Station (2013): ” This movie is full of so much emotion and power. Based on the real life story it’s eye opening to the current black lives matter issue, however given that it took place in the early 2000’s, I don’t think many realized this was an issue way back then too…”
Image result for fruitvale station
4. Django Unchanined (2012): “Tarantino is a nutcase, and this was the first of his movies I’ve seen and oh how entertained I was.”
Image result for django unchained
5. One Day (2011): “Another chick flick but brilliantly done in its approach, leaving you depressed yet okay with the ending and just eye opening as to what a year can do to someone”
Image result for one day movie
6. The Best of Me (2014): “Haaaaa….Yeah chick flick. But the switch between current and past was a unique take and I get the book is probably better but I found myself enjoying this story a lot.”
Image result for the best of me
7. That Awkward Moment (2014): “I’m not one for rom-coms generally but given the characters remind me a lot of me and my friends, I found it relatable and real in a way”
Image result for that awkward moment
8. Chronicle (2012): “Creepy and dark, I loved the uniqueness of the first person perspective and it was a wild ride from beginning to end.”
Image result for chronicle movie
9. Neighbors (2014): “As far as comedies go this was unique to me, and had entertainment from beginning to end.”
Image result for neighbors 2

10. Iron-Man 2 (2010): “I loved that the universe these films were in was growing”

Image result for iron man 2

Jeremy P. 

Image result for lord of the rings
1. The Lord or the Rings Trilogy:  “This goes without saying, but I believe Lord of the Rings is one of the best stories ever told.”
Image result for the lord of the rings trilogy

2. The Last Samurai (2003): “With the main character, a former US Army Captain, called in by the Japanese Government to eradicate the Samurai from existence, he winds up falling in love with the very people he was called in to destroy. Now fighting for the people the Government want dead, he has to fight to save what he has now come to love. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound amazing!”

Image result for the last samurai

3. Kingdom Of Heaven (2005): “This is one of those movies where you watch the whole thing, and find something new to like about it every time you watch it.”

Image result for kingdom of heaven

4. Gladiator (2000): “This is just such a good story. Going form a commander of the Roman army, to fighting for your life in the gladiator pits is just crazy. And on top of it, trying to get revenge on the guy who killed closest thing to a father you had. Crazy!”

Image result for gladiator

5. The Dark Knight Trilogy: “Everyone like Batman, but out of all of the Batman movies made so far, these are the best.”

Image result for the dark knight trilogy

6. The Patriot (2000): “As you could probably tell by now, I like historical movies (lol).”

Image result for the patriot

7. Underworld (2003): “Vampires vs. Werewolves, what could sound cooler!?”

Image result for underworld

8. Braveheart (1995): “They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!”

Image result for braveheart

9. Spirited Away (2001): “This movie will always be on my list of favorites. One of Studio Ghibli’s most notable films, it takes you on a magical journey every time you watch it. Truly amazing.”

Image result for spirited away

10. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975): “That sh** is just hilarious to me and I can’t really explain it…”

Image result for monty python and the holy grail

Ben C.

Image result for the usual suspects

1. The Usual Suspects (1995): “It’s a by the book thriller that breaks every rule in the genre with incredible acting from top to bottom.”

Image result for the usual suspects

2. As Good As It Gets (1997): “A realistic script and impeccable performances show how real people have real problems.”

Image result for as good as it gets

3. The Departed (2006): “Even though I’ve seen it countless times, my heart still races every time I turn in on.”

Image result for the departed

4. Fargo (1996): “What can I say, other than when a crime drama is done well, there is nothing better. Also, it’s hilarious”

Image result for fargo

5. The Prestige (2006): “It’s a film that doesn’t sacrifice style and substance to tell an unbelievable story.”

Image result for the prestige

6. Grumpy Old Men (1993): “Kind of more a guilty pleasure than an exceptional film; Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are a joy to watch together.”

Image result for grumpy old men

7. Good Will Hunting (1997): “Robin Williams makes everything better and that movie is already perfect.”

Image result for good will hunting

8. Airplane! (1980): “The first movie I ever had to stop and rewind to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

Image result for airplane! 1980

9. Live and Let Die (1973): “Not the best Bond movie by any stretch, but it’s the first I ever saw so it has more sentimental value. Plus, Sheriff JW Pepper.”

Image result for live and let die

10. Speed (1994): “My favorite pure white-knuckle action movie.”

Image result for speed movie


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