Movies By The Decade: A Look At Each Decade’s Best Films – The Overview

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I know I have delayed the fan Top 10’s for far longer than planned, but I won’t release it until I get everyone’s list to my disposal and you can count on a girl to make me late with the article. Just kidding sort of…but that will still eventually come, I promise. To distract you all from a list I haven’t completed I am going to start another list that I think you will all like and don’t worry, it can’t be delayed because I’m the one making the lists without audience participation (sorry not sorry).

This is going to be a grueling look into the decade’s best films as ranked by yours truly with annotations as to why these should be considered the best films of those eras. This is going to be one of my more in depth lists due to the vast amount of content that has been created each decade and the research I’d go through in order to make sure I don’t miss any of the vital details that depict why the films chosen were considered worthy of being on the list.

I will be looking through as many forms of film as I can as well as span through different countries to not discriminate because, let’s face it, film is more or less universal and there’s thousands of great ones out there from countries other than America. I will be doing this every week on Mondays and do a different decade each week. If you have suggestions of films worth noting I expect and hope for some comments via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or in the comments down below. Should be fun!


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