The Tupac Biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ Gets Another Trailer – Trailer Review

With the latest trailer of the Tupac biopic we’ve all been waiting for, we get an unfiltered look at the film and world of Tupac we are going to see. From the weed to the politics to the sex and the violence in between, it looks to be doing what a Tupac biopic should be doing and their lead looks uncanny as the title character. My only problem, the trailer is a mess.

I think this trailer looks more like a glorified indie music video that a feature length movie which concerns me about the full quality that is going to go into the film itself. I give credit to the casting director who found such uncanny look alikes for Biggie, Suge Knight, and Tupac himself, but at the same time, I was not getting the excitement or vibes from this trailer that I got fromĀ Straight Outta ComptonĀ when those trailers came out.

I am holding hope for the film because Tupac is one of my favorite artists of all time no matter what genre of music, but that is exactly why I want a quality film made for him, and I don’t think from this trailer I will be getting that. Let’s hope I am totally wrong once the film comes out, but they need to not record on phone microphones and Blackberry cameras.


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