The Latest Disney Animated Feature ‘Moana’ Gets A Full Length Trailer – Trailer Review

Don’t think for a second you aren’t going to see this movie. Just stop that. The pedigree is all there for you to fall in love with this next Disney Animation Studios film that stars the voices of Dwayne Johnson as demigod and newcomer Auli’i Cravalho as Moana and it looks like an island adventure that would make most cruise ships grow green with envy for how charming and fun this looks.

The diversification of the characters in later animated films of the last decade have been something we’ve all appreciated and admired as they come to life in front of our very own eyes and the island characters whether Samoan or Hawaiian or anyone out or between have such a rich culture that deserves to have a film that inspires and centers around their mythology. Obviously the Rock championed this film and more or less made it come to life and he got some damn good talent around it to make it what it seems to be.

Will it be the next great Disney animated film will be determined come November 23rd and only then will we see if this can be the next Zootopia caliber film from Disney Animation Studios and I don’t see why it can’t impress us once it’s released.


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