Here’s Our First Look At Batfleck In His Tactical Batsuit For Justice League

It’s official, Ben Affleck is done shooting his scenes as Batman and Bruce Wayne for Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Snyder had a cool way of showing off what they last shot via his twitter page.

Snyder is one of the best visually stylistic directors out there, a flaw in the eyes of those who are aware of his sometimes lack of flowing narrative, but what he does for fans and film makers is something special and the detail with this latest photo says that. Yes, I’ve heard the comparisons to Night Owl from Watchmen, but guess what people, Batman was first and Night Owl was based off of Batman yeah it has similarities.

Otherwise, the suit looks bad ass and tough as nails. It makes sense that the JL is likely to face God like alien beings similar to Superman so Batman is going to need a more durable, battle ready armor to fight in. I’m sure we will see a return to the classic gray suit we got from BvS in the solo films, but for now, this is a great still image of what we are getting from Ben Affleck’s Batman in his next appearance.

The goggles and sparks indicate that he is likely fixing something in the Batcave and it looks like he putting some sick mods onto the batmobile or some bat prefixed vehicle. I wouldn’t worry too much about the goggles is what I’m telling you.


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