Could We Be Getting A Sequel To ‘The Rundown” With The Rock And Jonah Hill?

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Before the Rock was as big as he is today (literally and figuratively), he starred in an early 2000’s action film simply known as The Rundown featuring Sean William Scott aka Stiffler for those who don’t know, and I am here to tell that it is a hilarious action film that would be ripe for a sequel thirteen years later, the director agrees. Peter Berg spoke with Collider about the idea and claimed he wanted to do a sequel to the film and bring on the Rock’s partner in crime Kevin Hart and hopefully Jonah Hill.

This intrigues me to no end. These are some of the biggest stars in today’s Hollywood with the most recognizable faces out there and to have them team up in an action comedy like The Rundown 2 would be awesome. Jonah Hill was awesome in War Dogs this year and hasn’t been anything but an incline with his career as has The Rock, but Kevin Hart, while still one of the funniest comedians out there hasn’t had a great track record with his films, but if there is as clear a vision as Berg wants us to believe, I think this would be awesome.

But what about Seann William Scott? That’s really the only question left at this point, but we haven’t seen him in the mainstream in quite some time and while the last film I saw him was actually pretty good (Goon), it was an under the radar indie comedy drama that received it’s popularity via Netflix and VOD. This should be interesting as The Rock alone has one of the most crowded schedules in Hollywood thus earning his “Highest Paid Actor” mark thanks to Forbes.

Source: Collider




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