Fifty Shades Darker Makes Me Hate Writing About Trailers – Trailer Review

The first Fifty Shades film was like porn if it focused more on those ridiculous plot-lines instead of the sex part. This trailer just completely eliminated the majority of “sexy” and decided to become what looks to be a psychological thriller mixed with a political drama that has a horror film tied up in it’s game room.

I hated this trailer. I hate that these movies are even being made, but not because the concept can’t be done well, anything can be done well with a great director around it. If David Fincher decided he wanted to bring a new life into this film I would be freaking out, but instead we are getting a glossy, convoluted mess of a trailer that showed me nothing about this story that I won’t be seeing.

I just hope the soundtrack is as sexy as the first one was and gives us some of that cool baby making music. As much as I love Miguel, I hated his Beyonce cover through this trailer folks. Everything was just so generic annoying and over-inflated while still giving us nothing to go off of.

SCORE: “It’s garbage”


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