Mister Sinister Confirmed Villain For Hugh Jackman’s Final Wolverine Film

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While X-Men: Apocalypse has become all but forgettable to this point, the post credit scene still garnered attention from die hard Marvel property fans across the board. The extra sweaty nerds honed in on the reveal of “Essex Corp” which mine as well be revealing Lex Corp to Superman fans if you need to grasp the importance because what that means to most of us is that we would be getting a reveal of Mister Sinister in the next film(s) in the X-Men universe.

Thanks to some serious dedication from some people over at Cinema Blend, producer and writer Simon Kinberg and director Bryan Singer were recorded on the audio commentary of the Apocalypse blu-ray saying that Mister Sinister would be the villain for Wolverine 3. Cinema Blend described the end credit scene that became so relevant to this news;

For those that don’t remember the sequence, it begins by taking audiences back to the famed Weapon X facility at Alkali Lake — which remains a bloody crime scene following the events of X-Men: Apocalypse. A group of men walk into the area, led by a guy in a business suit and thick black glasses, and while some of them are clearly assigned to clean the place up, the others have more specific jobs. The man in the glasses (who Bryan Singer jokingly calls “Elvis Costello” on the commentary) goes into a cabinet and grabs the blood/DNA of Weapon X — a.k.a. James Howlett a.k.a. Logan a.k.a. Wolverine.

This would make perfect sense when knowing that Mister Sinister’s character is a genetics obsessed “mad genius” in the Marvel comics universe and while this may change the dynamic of the road movie with Wolverine and Professor X, it could turn out to be a bit more a surprise than ever if a certain cast member is revealed to be Mister Sinister aka the gene splicing nutcase who steals Wolverine’s blood by the end.

It’s a whole different movie with this confirmation of Mister Sinister with them also trying to incorporate some of the iconic Old Man Logan story line within the film, but I’m starting to wonder if the only thing they added to make it anything like Old Man Logan is making Logan just old. I didn’t think they were taking much from that comic from the get-go, but with Mister Sinister being a near immortal character with genius level IQ, he’s a quality villain that could end the era of Hugh Jackman Wolverine, but still be a pure villain that the new incarnations of the X-Men can face in future films.


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