The Hyper Stylish and Violent Looking ‘Live By Night’ Gets a Sexy Trailer – Trailer Review

As if we needed more proof as to why Affleck is one of the best directors working today, but then this sexy trailer drops and adds the legend even further. Set in a familiar location for Affleck films, the Prohibition era gangster flick sets itself in a gorgeously conceived Boston where Affleck plays as the prodigal son of a former police captain only to find himself as a rum-runner and soon to be gangster of the Prohibition era.

Not only does the premise automatically scream entertainment, but the visual style Affleck chooses to bring to the film is something we haven’t seen from him in this scale and it looks absolutely gorgeous. With a period piece film, the most vital aspect of telling the story is being able to engulf into the time period in which the film is set and this trailer does that flawlessly. Crisp visual pleasures and gangster violence just the way I like it, Affleck looks like he is going for Oscars and entertainment yet again with this one.

If this is merely a trailer for yet another one of his Warner Brother films, we can only be further excited for the day we get his solo Batman film trailer *squeals endlessly*. The film is set for wide American release a day before my birthday this January 13th, 2017, and may push to be an Oscar contender after the date moved this year.


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