Matthew McConaughey Appears to Have Struck ‘Gold’ In A New Trailer – Trailer Review

McConaughey may have had his first few misses during his McConaissance over the years, but he appears to have found gold quite literally in this true life story. I’ve never heard of this real life story set in the late 80’s, but I’m all types of interested thanks to this trailer. Alongside Edgar Ramirez, a more noticeable face in the past few years with roles in Joy, Hands of Stone, and his next film The Girl On the Train.

The film is directed by Stephen Gaghan, the writer for the award winning film Traffic directed by Steven Soderbergh. Michael Mann was originally set to direct this film with Christian Bale in the lead role, shocker that Bale is wanted for everything, but McConaughey has since taken that role and will star.

I think this is a fun and not too serious trailer for a film I know little about. It seems like a movie that will have a lot of real life events that shock and awe me along with another classic McConaughey performance to put under his belt while showing off another impressive ensemble piece for the actors to show off their talents.  It will be released in prime Oscar viewing season aka Christmas day and could be the counter programming to Star Wars and other films during that time.


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