Don’t Expect Booster Gold To Meet Any Justice League Members In Future Films

We haven’t heard much about the Booster Gold film for DC and Warner Brothers since it was first reported that they had plans for what would be more like a comedy/buddy cop style comic book movie, but like what we thought Shazam was going to be, Booster is taking that same path.

If you don’t know what I mean, it’s that Shazam was supposedly going to be separate from the DCEU characters that we know in the mainstream i.e. characters from the main core of the Justice League, but it looks like that will actually be where Booster Gold resides (for now) as the film attempts to get off of the ground. The quote director Greg Berlanti used was “As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds” which sounds like they have little to interest in connecting such an already vast universe together like that and that’s fine with me.

The film came from an idea of a failed show which I imagine didn’t have a budget nor interest in bringing in some of the big names for the show itself, but even with what will likely be a more substantial budget, the film won’t focus on Booster and other characters that could likely take away from the unknown character’s charm and fan favoritism.

Source: Vulture


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