CONFIRMED! Joe Manganiello Set To Play Deathstroke! (Called It)

Image result for joe manganiello deathstroke

As I have been keeping up with for you all and myself, the news of Deathstroke and the rumored front-runner can be considered confirmed as of today because Joe Manganiello has been cast and confirmed thanks to the Wall Street Journal (?). If you wanted to see my previous articles on this topic, please look here: Do We Have Our New Batman Villain?! and the people I thought would play him HERE.

It makes perfect sense to cast him. To be honest, the casting has not been the issue for DC Jesse Eisenberg not included (for now), and this adds to their track record of quality casting choices for their films. He’s an impressive 6’5″ 200 something pounds with the look, charisma, acting chops, and overall demeanor that goes perfectly with Ben Affleck’s type of Batman who is not small in stature by any means either.

I don’t know what this means for the rumored story idea that Batman would be set in Arkham Asylum, similar to the video game franchise, and he would battle his villains there, but maybe that comes later or Joe’s confirmed Deathstroke will be the catalyst to some of it in a Raid: Redemption type of way which would be amazing. We haven’t been given an adversary beyond Superman that seems to pose a real physical threat to Batman, especially this massive and brutal version we’ve been given so it will be cool to see them face off in intellect and combat.

Geoff Johns has yet to confirm if Deathstroke will have a role in Justice League like many have speculated, but as long as it’s a brief appearance in the film I am totally fine with him showing up for a moment to introduce himself more or less.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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