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Will Smith’s Newest Drama ‘Collateral Beauty’ Gets a Trailer – Trailer Review

I can’t doubt Will Smith the movie star anymore, I just can’t. I made the mistake of questioning if he was the right fit for Deadshot in the disappointing (though fun) Suicide Squad from this year and he was of course a terrific standout performer. I now expect Smith to always be good in his movies, but I’ve also learned that I can’t expect his movies to be good.

Even with the stellar cast this movie has, the trailer cut this film to be a weird rip off of A Christmas Carol meets A Beautiful Mind with some Seven Pounds thrown in there for good measure. The concept sounds pretty intriguing on paper, but this trailer doesn’t sell me on what I would hope to be a beautiful film on the hardships of loss, but at the same time, the lack of interest comes from something I wish I didn’t even have to say, and that is Smith taking on roles too much in his wheel house.

Again, I hate the term “Oscar bait” as a whole, but the trailers are definitely doing their best to reel in the awards. Whether it be because the trailer has dramatic music or the fact that they felt the need to list off everyone we already know only to put “Academy award nominee/winner/Michael Pena” after their names was pathetic. I want Pursuit of Happyness Will Smith to show up, sure, but I also want a Will Smith to bring us complete original, yet powerful films if he chooses to do them. Am I crazy?


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