Johnny Depp To Portray Real Life Detective In Search of Biggie and Tupac’s Killers

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One of the most intriguing mysteries of the last two decades has been the unfortunate deaths of hip hops largest icons Biggie and Tupac. With the mystery and conspiracies being ever so complex and often ridiculous, it’s truly become one of the most controversial stories since it became what it was in the 1990’s and it looks like Depp will be acting as the real life detective who tried to solve it.

We’ve been given a Biggie biopic that good enough to be played on BET literally every other day for like seven years straight, but we have yet to get the Tupac biopic like we’ve wanted until the brief, but promising trailer for All Eyez on Me dropped a few months ago to fans excitement, and with the success of Straight Outta Compton it makes sense to keep momentum going for these rapper biopics and whomever surrounds them.

The detective in question is that of Russell Poole which whom Depp would portray, but with the cases still yet to be solved, I wonder if the film will go in the direction of something like David Fincher’s Zodiac since (SPOILER ALERT)…..the Zodiac killer was never actually found. If anything, I think it can make for a compelling noir narrative as a whole and crime drama that keeps you gripped because we don’t know who did it (Suge Knight) and because there are so many dead ends.

The film would be titled Labyrinth, not to be mistaken for David Bowie’s iconic fantasy flick, and will have Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman to take on another crime drama alongside the aforementioned film and his latest attempt The Infiltrator. I think we all agree that Depp is great when wants to be, but like so many once bright stars in Hollywood, they look like nothing more than hot pockets of gas making everything stink when they’re around, but they’re still stars. We will see if this can reestablish Depp even further as we hoped to see in a film like Black Mass. 

Source: ScreenDaily


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