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Adam Driver Drives a Bus In ‘Paterson’ To A Poetic Narration In Latest Trailer – Trailer Review

As one of the crowd favorites at pretty much every Film Festival around, Adam Driver (The Force Awakens, Girls) portrays a bus driver in Paterson New Jersey named…Paterson. Yeah it’s about as indie as you can get with that one, but the charm is all there and works in its favor. Somehow making a small town in of all states like New Jersey look that beautiful is what will likely be the take from the film itself and the themes it wants to convey.

It’s got a pretty impressive cast to go along with it while presenting a dark comedic tone while likely presenting some real emotional depth through the poetry the main character writes and the apparent conflicts he faces within the timeline of the story.

To say I’m excited and fascinated by this film is an understatement and it may contend for some awards come January and has an award friendly release date of December 28th of this year.

THOUGHTS: “I feel cordially invited to a place I never thought I’d want to go” 

Kenneth Branagh’s Remake of ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ Gets A Cast That Now Has Daisy Ridley, Johnny Depp, & More

Image result for kenneth branagh

Kenneth Branagh is without a doubt the best at bringing Shakespearean works to the big screen as well as on stage, but let’s not ignore his talents as a behind the camera master of his caliber. The man has done films like Thor, Cinderalla, and the epic that is Hamlet.

With a directing range such as that, it’s no shock that he can cast some serious actors that don’t look the same as the next person. Branagh will portray detective Hercule Poirot investigating the murder of Ratchett (Depp) while the eclectic passengers include Russian royalty (Dench), a working woman who will one day be my wife (Michael Pena)…just kidding folks. Daisy Ridley is of course my future wife and permanent squeeze.

Pena will be a Cuban passenger named Marquez while Michelle Pheiffer will portray a glamorous, loud mouth passenger with something to hide.

This is suiting up to be a remarkable project and with producers like Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg, and Mark Gordon helping make this film come to life you have to imagine they believe in the material.

The script will also be written by Blade Runner 2 scribe Michael Green.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Wonder Woman’s Current Iteration Confirmed to Be Bisexual, Will This Flow Into Movies? – Let’s Talk

Image result for wonder woman rebirth

Comic book characters change and transform nearly every other issue in some cases and they reflect the realities of the world we live in at that present time. Wonder Woman is without a doubt one of the most iconic female figures in pop culture and is simply just one of the best superheroes ever created. No seriously, she is one of the greatest fictional characters ever created, and as I reiterate that to you I want you to take a moment to see if you all of a sudden hated her all because of this news. Let the dumb settle.

Not to sound pretentious, but how could you not see this coming if you are a Wonder Woman fan? She oozes sexual appeal to both men and women while promoting powerful and confident traits that make her appealing to nearly all genders we have and living on an island of just abnormally gorgeous women without seeing men makes for an interesting problem doesn’t it? Yes, she has had love interests in the past that have been men, but the characteristic that makes her what she is revolves around her never needing a man to help her do anything! The woman is feminism symbol and creation by a guy that helped create the lie detector and that same man was married to a feminist! Does that automatically make her a lesbian or bisexual? HELL NO IT DOESN’T, but can we sit back and realize how naturally flowing the idea of a lesbian Wonder Woman actually is?

To flip to the other side for a moment, if there were people who found her heterosexual relationships more of a well told story arc and that the chemistry was more naturally written then yeah I’d agree with you, but we also don’t have any other real form of comparison with her romantic relationships to go off of yet, and it’d be a joke to try to compare something that isn’t fully formed. To the sweaty comic book historians and purists, that’s fine to like what you like about your Amazonian warrior, but if you’re a real comic book fan then you know that Wally West has been a ginger and has also been black. We have an Asian Superman, but we still have Clark Kent. It’s the core of the character that should remain (more or less) the same, not the personal tabloid type details people love to gravitate towards.

At her core, Wonder Woman is a definitive representation of love and equality and confidence and so much more which has since garnered praise from all different groups of people in this world that has gone fairly unchanged. LBGT groups have always supported the character of Wonder Woman, as have feminists, and men who tell their daughters to emulate beyond their own moms. Wonder Woman doesn’t, isn’t, and shouldn’t be tied down by her sexuality. Agree with it or not and I won’t be mad at you, but just remember this, Peter Parker was replaced by a clone once, Wonder Woman was a 70’s Austin Powers extra with no powers, and we’ve been given three terrible Fantastic Four movies. There are worse things to be concerned and frustrated about, like, I dunno, elections and violence and what meal to order at Applebees.



Source: Comicosity

Fast & Furious Director To Helm Hot Wheels Movie

Image result for justin lin

Justin Lin is coming off of directing the most recent of the new Star Trek films and will be going back to direct a movie about cars and wheels and racing shenanigans. Yep, he’s directing a Hot Wheels movie, but not only that, Lin will be producing and funding the film as well as directing through his Perfect Storm Productions.

Lin is known for his work on the Fast and Furious franchise as the director for Tokyo Drift all the way to Fast 6. While all of us know what Hot Wheels are, I bet you weren’t aware they are the number one selling toy item of all time (or something) and Mattel has made butt loads of cash thanks to these little things, but to make a movie on them makes us ask a now common question, why?

We always go back to the Lego Movie as reference on how to make a really quality film based off of a famous kids toy or novelty item or game, but with Legos you can literally build worlds and narrative can transform as easily as the buildings and block creations. With Hot Wheels that’s a bit different when you look at what little you have to work with. There aren’t any characters nor anything but the tracks and the really suped up cars and I’d imagine the best way to go about it is to make it a real racing movie.

Let this be a better version of Speed Racer and Need For Speed and just make it animated or totally ridiculous from the jump. I want really dope, unrealistic vehicles racing on tracks that defy gravity, not some silly “embedded in reality” style film that takes any fun out of the product. We will see.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Denzel Washington Stars and Directs His Film Adapted Tony Nominated Play ‘Fences’ – Trailer Review

To make the plot slightly clearer:

Set in 1950’s Pittsburgh, a former Negro League baseball player, now working as a waste collector, struggles to provide for his family and come to terms with the events of his life.

Let’s get this out of the way, Viola Davis wants that damn Oscar folks. When you don’t care that boogies come flying out your nose in an emotional scene, they should just hand you the gold right then and there because not only is that dedication to an emotionally driven craft, but it’s also insanely disgusting.

Davis and Washington aren’t new to this story by any means and it shows. Denzel starred in the on stage revival of the play of the same name in 2010 and showed heavy interest in making it a live-action film by starring and directing which he succeeded in doing. Not only does this seem heavy hitting emotionally, but it looks like an character study that only greats can give us and Denzel and Davis are the people to do it. I’ve never seen the play, but I hear it’s wonderful and powerful to use a few words, and this appears to be no different.

SCORE: “It’s Denzel, of course I’m excited”

The Latest Trailer For ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ Is Spellbinding – Trailer Review

With the Potterverse only getting larger with each page written and each film getting a magical trailer to follow, Fantastic Beasts is no different. Giving us a deeper look at the world we will be jumping through as the film roles on, we get to see many of the magical creatures and muggle/non-muggles as their interactions become more intertwined than ever.

We get to see a powerfully present Colin Farrell in what appears to be a possible villain alongside Ezra Miller which adds an even more intriguing addition to an already colorful premise, and I couldn’t want this anymore. The trailer does a great job at setting what the specific characters roles are as well as what they will be in order to tie in to what will likely be a whirling dervish of magical events and beasts galore.

I don’t think I need to hype you up for another Harry Potter based film that comes out this year, but treat yourself to an appetizer before the main course of this film and watch the trailer and tell me what you all think about it down below and share this for those souls who haven’t seen the trailer yet.

SCORE: “Definitely want to see!”

Disney and Jon Favreau To Start Developing Live-Action Lion King Film

Image result for the lion king

It wasn’t too long after the success of Favreau’s recent Disney project The Jungle Book for the studio and director to begin taking another iconic property from Disney vaults. That’s right, The Lion King will now begin production and development and it’s no surprise. While we may not love every live-action film that’s come from Disney, they make a butt load of cash nearly every time, and Disney loves making money.

Favreau was critically praised for his work on The Jungle Book, but we also have films like Alice In Wonderland (didn’t like at all), Cinderalla (pleasantly surprised), and Beauty and the Beast not coming out soon enough, but as the one guy who finds the recent Jungle Book slightly over-hyped, I have one caveat, I don’t want any humans.

That’s no offense to the young actor who played Mogley (Neel Sethi), but the poor kid was literally working with no one around him to bounce his acting skills off of and for me it showed. I was floored by the CGI at most points and how the realism and violence translated which leads me to my next point, are they going to show the iconic deaths in this film and will they be as visceral as they were in the animated classic? The stampede or hyena chases or the final gladiator like match between Scar and Simba. These are things I need to be hit with the utmost delicacy because they were landmarks in animation in 1994 so they held more weight, but can a live-action film bring the magic to fans like it does to this day?

I don’t know, I can’t expect anything I cherish to be left alone, but the Hans Zimmer scores and the Tim Rice/Elton John combo can’t be re-matched in any way and the songs are what make the film so iconic. The voice actors will have to be more than precise as well if you want fans to respect the project moving forward, and you can’t replace James Earl Jones too easily nor Jeremy Irons. Good luck and long live the king.

Source: ScreenRant

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