International Trailer For John Steinbeck Adaptation ‘In Dubious Battle’ Is Stacked with Talent – Trailer Review

With the final third of the year on it’s way, that means the Oscar caliber movies show themselves a little more and this appears to be a film that wants to enter the race. Starring a cast of actors and actresses that each of us can recognize, it takes on the period piece narrative about apple pickers who fight against their unfair wages and treatment in 1930’s California.

Again, the cast is enough to intrigue me and it looks to have captured the era in which the story is set fluently. While I want to still see the movie, the trailer feels a bit pretentious in it’s delivery. The over dramatic scores and “visceral” scenes that they’re trying to show in order to prove these actors can act is a little much and the less is more approach would have suited this trailer that much better.

But all said and done, I think this can be a really good movie and novel adaptation, especially if it’s coming from the legendary John Steinbeck. Look out for possible buzz on this film in the next coming months. Oh, did I mention that James Franco is directing this one? That’s pretty cool in of itself, but let’s hope he’s not forcing his Oscar chances and knows better to just make a good movie.


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