Who Should Play Deathstroke In DC Extended Universe? – Top 5 List

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With the recent news on Deathstroke likely being the main villain of Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie, the next question is the one I make these lists for… who the heck is playing him? It’s not confirmed who will portray the iconic DC villain, but I will throw some names in the hat for the deadliest assassin arguably in all of comics.

1. Joe Manganiello

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He has been my day one choice since Affleck was cast as Batman. Why I don’t know? Oh wait, yes I do, it’s because it’s obvious casting! The man passes the eye test in more ways than one with his peppered beard, 6’5″ frame, and acting ability so why not cast the man? It doesn’t hurt that he is one of the younger actors on the list and could do the physical nature of the role for years to come with a convincing technical approach to it all. He was rumored to be a name on the list of actors that DC would want if they brought Deathstroke to the film world and I tend to agree with them.

2. Richard Armitage

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Fun fact: Armitage was a candidate for the role Affleck is now playing, yep I mean Batman, but The Hobbit actor is far too talented to not still be worth looking at for a DC character role. His turn as Thorin Oakenshield at some points was terrifying and the villainy, yet gentle acting ability would be superb for the cool under pressure Deathstroke. It doesn’t hurt Armitage is 6′ 2″ and could match up nicely against Affleck’s massive Batman and let’s not forget Armitage’s killer baritone voice he possesses.

3. Gerard Butler

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The 300 actor knows how to bring a gritty comic book style character to life and he has a menacing, but almost romantic presence about him every time he is on screen. Deathstroke is mercilous killer with a code of sorts and Butler could get that more than easily. Besides, we need to see him in cooler roles than the ones we’ve seen in recent years i.e. Gods of Egypt or any of those crappy rom-coms he’s been in. Bring him back to the spotlight in a good way.

4. Tom Hardy

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This pick is almost a default for any and everyone including myself because Tom Hardy is just that good. What makes Hardy so spectacular as an actor is the use of his eyes and since Deathstroke only has one eye, Hardy’s skills could fit perfectly to bring that fright and terror of a skilled assassin to the DCEU yet again. Heck, he was supposed to be Rick Flagg in Suicide Squad, but looking back, I’m glad he went away from the role  and has a chance to be another DC character beyond Bane.

5. Stephen Lang

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Stephen Lang is coming off a really great little horror film called Don’t Breathe, but even before that I saw him in Avatar which proved to me that he can do the military villain perfectly. I know his age might be a concern for most, but assume he is only showing his face and using his voice because Deathstroke wears a mask a majority of the time and stunt doubles will be there either way. Ironically, I think he could be Slade or Cable, and the reason that’s funny is because Cable is reluctant partners with Deathstroke copycat and spook Deadpool. 

Honorable Mention:

1. Karl Urban

Not only is he now tied down with Marvel, but…actually that’s about the only reason why he’s not on the list. Cast in the third Thor film, Urban would likely not be able to jump over to DC movies, but if he was able to, I’d say cast him ASAP. Karl Urban, like Gerard Butler, is incredibly talented and electrifying when he’s on the screen, but he seems to play the background or just falls into movies not many people see.

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