Do We Have Confirmation of Ben Affleck’s Batman Villain?!

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If we are too believe the statement given to us from the source seen below, then it would mean that we just got confirmed news on the villain for Ben Affleck’s solo effort as Batman. I saw this tweet this morning on the East Coast and was praying it wasn’t a joke and my prayers seem to have been heard.

I’ve been lobbying for Deathstroke to appear in a film since Affleck was cast for countless reasons. The obvious is because he’s a bad-ass villain with a lot to work with as well as the added element of action he could bring to the film. Deathstroke’s comedic spoof over at Marvel aka Deadpool has since made waves as a fan favorite for nearly every person that’s read or seen him, but it wouldn’t have happened if Deathstroke didn’t come first.

Fans of the good seasons of Arrow on the CW will know of who Slade Wilson is and how his outstanding portrayal by Manu Bennett brought him to the forefront of mainstream conscious for the better. Magic Mike actor Joe Mangienello was rumored to be a frontrunner for the role and I am of the belief that he’s the ideal candidate for the spot to this day.

Oddly enough, Batman has only seen Slade since the 90’s, but Slade’s run-ins with the Teen Titans and Green Arrow are noted for being his arch rivals, but thanks to the video games as well, Deathstroke and Batman have been able to duke it out numorous occassions. The question now is who will play Deathstroke?


Source: TheWrap


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