Mr. Church: Why Aren’t We Talking About This Trailer?! – Trailer Review

I think the question has been answered as to the whereabouts of Eddie Murphy. He’s not stuffing himself in a fat suit with this trailer and he looks magnificent. I kept seeing this trailer on my YouTube sidebar, but figured since no one else is talking about it, it’s probably some average indie film, quite the contrary.

We love Eddie Murphy and like most great comedians, he can act his ass off when he sets his mind to it and this looks like a valiant effort in coming back to that world. The story seems straightforward and emotionally prepared to tell a story about a chef who cooks and cares for his friend’s family after he dies. Unfortunately, the trailer shows far more than that and goes through the whole damn movie in two and a half minutes.

Nonetheless, I am enamored with the relationship Murphy’s Mr. Church has with Britt Roberts character. It sounds like Murphy wants an Oscar and from the looks of his performance he could be a viable candidate. Sadly, I’ve seen early reviews for the film and they don’t look good at all. Perhaps that’s where the lack of marketing for the film comes into play, but let’s hope it’s still a stepping stone for Murphy to come out of the woodwork and do good movies again.


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