Lionsgate To Develop DC Comic ‘The Monolith’ For The Silver Screen

If I told you that the story of an old Jewish folk tale had a comic book twist to it would you still read on? Well good, you’ve made it to the next sentence, and now I can tell what the heck this future film is. Even as the comic book reader I claim to be, I don’t think I’d be considered too much of fool if I said I hadn’t known what the heck this was until yesterday. After reading the synopsis about a hulkish being brought to life during Depression era Brooklyn created to murder and kill I was immediately hooked.

The Monolith is a small selling comic that will be brought to life by Deadpool director Tim Miller’s production company Blur Studio for Lionsgate. The creators of the comic, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, will get to see their story come to life through the eyes of Dave Wilson with a script from Barnett Brettler.

This is a direction comic book adaptations need to go in order to survive. While I love the Justice League members and Avengers members, it’s nice to get a Guardians of the Galaxy once in awhile or even an Edge of Tomorrow (yeah that’s a manga comic) to break the monotony. This could be a horror action film at it’s most unique (sort of) because it can have that flare of a comic book movie while still providing a more visceral and frightening look of a Golem like being doing as it’s master(s) tell it.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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