First Official Trailer For ‘Manchester By The Sea’ Is Gripping – Trailer Review

One of the many indie darlings that came out of Sundance has it’s first official trailer and stars Casey Affleck as a reluctant guardian to a teenage boy in what appears to be an award caliber showing from everyone involved. You won’t get any action set pieces or CGI here and that’s okay because what we get is not a step into unbelievable plotting, but rather it’s polar opposite.

Affleck has always shined in whatever role he is in whether he is alongside his brother in Good Will Hunting all the way up underrated roles in Gone Baby Gone or Out of the Furnace. This seems to be one of those emotionally powerful films that centers around family with looks to have glass shattering emotional depth alongside it’s “brittle humor” as the trailer describes, and that is promising.

Unfortunately, The Birth of a Nation controversy has taken away from the fact that alongside it was this film as the front-runners for awards come the third act of the year and if the unfortunate issues with Nate Parker allegations prove to be detrimental then this film could rise to the occasion and steal the show.


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