Ben Affleck To Direct and Star In Remake of ‘Witness For the Prosecution’ For FOX

Ben Affleck is about as busy as his onscreen persona Bruce Wayne nowadays and that’s just fine with me. Affleck is set to star and direct in his fourth directorial effort for Fox rather than his constant collaborators at Warner Bros. to bring to life Witness for the Prosecution by Agatha Christie which was given a Hollywood treatment in 1957. Affleck has finished his next project Live By Night and is in production for Justice League. 

The premise is being adapted from the classic short story by Christie with an official synopsis that reads:

When wealthy spinster Emily French is found murdered, suspicion falls on Leonard Vole, the man to whom she hastily bequeathed her riches before she died. Leonard assures the investigators that his wife, Romaine Heilger, can provide them with an alibi. However, when questioned, Romaine informs the police that Vole returned home late that night covered in blood. During the trial, Ms. French’s housekeeper, Janet, gives damning evidence against Vole, and, as Romaine’s cross-examination begins, her motives come under scrutiny from the courtroom. One question remains, will justice prevail?

I for one am excited that mystery films are coming back to the big screen because I was huge fan of Gone Girl which starred Affleck with direction from David FIncher, and we only get a few of those films every few years or so, but like all trends, the mystery/crime film is making a comeback of sorts and Affleck is the man to do it. His acting alone has grown exponentially over the last eight years or so and will only keep expanding and with him directing the film as well, it can only get better from there.

Affleck is a perfect 3/3 with his directorial efforts and has been stellar in his performances as well. Live By Night had a date change to a more Oscar friendly date which is always promising (went from January to December) and with that being said, that must mean they still have confidence that his directing ability hasn’t gone anywhere since then, then being 2012.

Sources: TheWrap & SlashFilm


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