Ray Fisher’s Cyborg To Join Ezra Miller’s Flash Solo Film

It looks like Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will be joined by his Justice League member and pal Cyborg played by Ray Fisher. Reports surfaced months ago about this likely happening and it appears to be true. Our “introductions” to the characters were limited in BvS this year, but showed them nonetheless and as far as comic book lore and character personalities, this makes pretty good sense. Then again, the Flash alongside any hero is a good idea.

While Cyborg is a character are aware of, I bet they wouldn’t know his real name is Victor Stone and he was a star football player who never got the love and attention from his father – a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs – who uses alien technology on his own son to save his life. He is more known for his connection with the Teen Titans more than the Justice League depending on which era you’re reading his titles, but it makes sense to do what films like Iron Man and Captain America have done and that is give screen time to the lesser known heroes.

We don’t know how large or small the role will be, but knowing he will be in the film at all assures audiences that we can (hopefully) get a tidbit of development for his character until we get his solo movie in a few years. If we get a story as fun and cohesive as we did with Dope last year we are in for a good show. Director Rick Famuyiwa is taking on The Flash solo film stars Ezra Miller and Famuyiwa’s Dope actress Kiersey Clemons as Barry Allen’s love interest Iris West.

Source: Variety


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