Here Are Some Director’s That Should Take On Man of Steel 2 – Top 5

It’s been a lot of Man of Steel 2 talk, but it’s fun and you’re apparently reading this stuff so I’m gonna keep that momentum flowing. This one is simple to grasp. The question is; “Who the heck should direct a Superman movie next?”. It’s a good question with an answer that Will Hunting would probably have trouble solving, but like all questions, there is always an answer.

Here are my choices on who should direct Man of Steel 2

1. Brad Bird

From the director that brought us The Incredibles, Iron Giant, and Mission: Impossible 4, the range and storytelling ability is there along with an ability to deliver qualities that Superman has been lacking in his last few films. While Tomorrowland wasn’t the hit we had hoped for, it doesn’t make his visions for films any less impressive. With his filmography, he could easily convert to a superhero film, and it doesn’t hurt that he paid homage to Superman in WB’s The Iron Giant in a big way.

2. George Miller

The Australian director had as much a rebirth as DC comics has had and beyond the pun filled play on words, he has always been the dream pick for DC movie fan hopefuls. His diverse directing style as well as attention to detail is unmatched. Fury Road is the best example for “what have you done for me lately?” and he couldn’t have done much more to make a masterpiece of an action movie. He is able to get the warmth of his characters even in desolate situations and he clearly knows how to get a great cinematographer so why not George?

3. J.J Abrams


It seems like the obvious choice (I’m aware it is), but why is that a bad thing? That’s like picking pizza because you know it will be good. While J.J. Abrams has too much cheese for some, I think it’s just right, and he has proven that he can handle all levels of fan favorite characters and franchises. If he can bring a sense of fun and emotion to the seventh installment of freaking Star Wars then he can do a great Superman film (no offense Supes).

NOTE: Abrams wrote a pretty epic script for the film that damn near happened! See here @ Den of Geek!

4. Drew Goddard

I can tell you this much, if Goddard doesn’t direct the film, I’d freak out knowing he’d be writing it. The scribe for Ridley Scott’s return to prominence aka The Martian was a winner-winner-chicken-dinner and it we know Scott can direct, but it’s been these scripts that started sinking his ship, but imagine the writer of a film like The Cabin in the Woods as well as writing classic episodes for TV shows like Lost, Buffy, and two episodes of Daredevil (along with writing films like Cloverfield World War Z), Goddard wouldn’t be far off with directing or writing the supernatural or alien-based sci-fi.

5. Zack Snyder

I don’t think fans would be too pleased with the idea of Zack Snyder doing anymore movies for DC in the coming future, but I for one will defend his polarizing depiction of Superman by saying that it needs to be “unbound” as much as Superman does. The editing is what hurt Man of Steel the first time and that issue continued into Batman v Superman, but if DC can just fire that guy/girl who keeps f**king up the flow of the movies then he can continue to give us this version of Superman we’ve been given. Plus, the intro to Man of Steel is astounding sci-fi/action cinema and if the story was able to go into that realm then Snyder is the guy I want.




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