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Sausage Party Capsulated An Agenda Through Disgusting Humor – Movie Review

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg are a writing duo that make sure to create exactly what they want. That’s great and all, but what the actual f**k kind of drugs do they take to make these things?! I expected the raunchy, perverted humor, but what I got was this literal cluster f-word of a movie that makes sure it goes too far on all accounts. To make the matter worse, it only worked as a gross out film that decided to give a big middle finger to those that will oppose its ideas. While funny at times, the overthetop concept and execution will have you leaving the theaters disgusted, disturbed, and just flat out terrified if you’re anything like me.

Trying to write this review has been more difficult than most because I knew it wasn’t supposed to be some Oscar caliber film by any stretch, but how do I describe and review something that left me speechless? Like the trailers, it starts out like the dirty movie centered around talking meat products and questionably shaped bread, but then it goes in the most disturbing of directions from then on to the finale. Shock and awe was the clear objective this time around and it worked, but that didn’t mean I liked it. There were moments I thought the redemption of the film would kick in, but only then would the plot push every boundary it can while trying to give us that middle finger I was talking about earlier.

It’s okay for some stoner actors and writers to take on a project that deals with whichever topic they desire and to tackle the subject of faith and sexuality (in the worst way) is fine, but where they went with the villain and selective imagery that they did for the story, I got taken out of anything that could have been any bit funny. I am not a prude nor am I a person that can’t handle dirty humor, but this created my line of what I can deal with and what I can’t. With all they had to say through their characters, on paper it’s kind of funny and serves like a satirical roast done in really average animation, but you can’t get those flavors like you’d want because you’re too scarred from a scene prior.

Again, this was not the film I imagined, and that’s saying something. We all knew once that Red-Band trailer dropped, this film was going to be an acid trip dipped in dick jokes, but they added an element of horrific proportions to make me and my buddies more uncomfortable. I bet even the most immature of boys and girls would say, “well wait a minute, did they just…”, and they did. There was a collective silence at the tension that grew with each scene and the audience knew not to be content with anything that is likely to happen or not in the film. I walked out of the theater unimpressed by the satire they wanted to present and came out with my jaw to the floor and my eyes covered with my hands. It’s a stress inducing WTF type film that I could never watch again, but that’s just me being a sane human being.




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