Luke Cage Trailer: Marvel Seems To Have The Formula For Netflix Shows Too – Trailer Review

Netflix appears to have done it again with another original show in the form of Luke Cage. The show is the spin-off of the scene stealing character who we got to see in Netflix and Marvel’s other show Jessica Jones and as you can tell from the trailer, the show is going to back a bunch unlike anything we’ve seen on Netflix/Marvel shows so far.

The trailer feels like I’m watching a blacksploitation series from the 70’s, but with that now stable cinematography that the Marvel-Netflix shows seem to be sticking with. The street level crime these shows deal with are what make them standout in this now vast Marvel Cinematic Universe and shrink the destruction, but increase the interest of the characters just the same. Mike Colter’s presence alone makes him a standout character that I’m looking forward to seeing.

As big a DC hopeful and fan I am, Marvel is killing it, but I’m starting to think their Netflix shows are stealing the show (pun intended) as far as popularity with fans lately. Their natural flowing narrative seems to be the winning formula when wanting to introduce unknown characters to audiences on the small screen and connect their worlds with the other shows i.e. Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones, and now Luke Cage. The excitement has me pulsating with excitement!


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