Here’s What Man of Steel 2 Needs In Order To Be Successful

The news on the moving forward of Man of Steel 2 is good news in my eyes because the film is what started the beginning of this now divisive Cinematic Universe. Like most of you, I wasn’t a fan of the first Man of Steel at first, but Zack Snyder has this way of making movies that grow on you like flavors of coffee creamer or styles of pizza and there is a lot to grow on from the first film whether he comes back to direct the film or not.


Man of Steel was very much Superman’s movie and that’s why looking back on the film, I got a real sense of that hope that Superman brings to fans of his movies and comics. I think people were turned off by his brooding nature in BvS which made fans peel off from the films (among other things) and I think if you can get Superman back to his roots of that overly positive, “Big Blue Boy-scout” we are used to seeing, and following.

I’m not talking about some icky romance with Lois Lane, but rather his solo ventures as the Man of Steel. Henry Cavill doesn’t need extra help to get a good performance in a film and we should let him show off that talent further.


This is one you guys may be scratching your heads. I think we’ve seen too many city destruction scenes in movies in general, but especially in superhero movies, and Superman doesn’t always need to stay on Earth. He is an alien after all and aliens are often jumping boarders or flying through space am I right? Have him verse some intergalactic baddies on other worlds or stop a race of martians heading towards Earth on a planet sized crater or something. He has the villains and the characters to make it work so why not take it there?

For a list of Superman villains I want to see in a film CLICK HERE


Adding to points 1 and 2, this is Superman’s movie and the focus should be on Clark returning to form after his (SPOILER ALERT) in BvS. The focus goes off of Supers as soon as we see Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman or someone else helping him in a fight that he likely doesn’t need help with at all. This leads to the next point…


Some of you may be shocked to know that Superman stories in comics and in past films are not exactly action packed thrill rides all the time, but rather films that deal with the conflict of the most powerful being on Earth and off of it as far as we know, and it’s the relationships and exoduses that Clark takes that make him so endearing.

There are facets to his lore that can be explored even deeper. I think of things like the Kryptonian technology he learns to use in the Fortress of Solitude or things he retrieves from space that land on Earth. One of the best examples of that in film form can be seen in the animated movie Superman: Unbound which leads me to my next point…


DC and Warner Bros. have a library of information to consult for what makes a Superman story worth seeing and reading, but it seems like there have been so many damn ideas they want to throw into just a few movies that it comes off as messy and unfocused, but if you just contain your frame of reference(s) for the movie then we can follow along as fans so much better.

The animated films, the recent Killing Joke not withstanding, have been fun and always entertaining films, so why not go to them and see why they worked and attempt to translate those traits to the live-action.

Of course, none of this can be achieved if this final point doesn’t hit all the check marks…


I like Man of Steel! I really do and if they announced Zack Snyder was returning to helm the sequel, I don’t think I’d be too upset, but it’s not about just me. Fans and critics don’t like Zack Snyder’s work and that’s clear and just for their petty emotions, it’s better to get someone who can bring something new to the table while still keeping the film cohesive to the world that’s been created.

Stay tuned for my TOP FIVE DIRECTORS who should direct Man of Steel 2!




6 thoughts on “Here’s What Man of Steel 2 Needs In Order To Be Successful

  1. Good read with valid points! I love Superman. He’s my favorite superhero. I named my son Kal for cryin out loud! I liked Man of Steel and BvS to an extent. I just want the world to see what makes Superman the greatest hero of all with all of his idealism in tow. I love these points you brought up but I can’t see them going for it, especially for a smaller villain considering the blockbuster nature of these tent pole films and certainly if Snyder directs. Which I hope he does not. Keep his visuals and his cinematographer. Lose the man. And fire whoever is editing these DCEU films. And get rid of studio meddling. And give me the world on a silver platter.

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    1. I LOVE that you named your son Kal and that you can be his Jor in his journey! As far as your points of agreement and opposition… I can’t find much I’d disagree on man.

      I’m like you where I want a definitive Superman movie of the modern era and I think they could, if anything lesson the overall threat of the villain, but still make him a menace to whomever they want.

      Will they do it? Probably not lol. I’d love to hear more from you and would love for you share my stuff when you think it’s worth it!

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      1. Hey, good to meet a fellow Supes fan! I agree wholeheartedly that they could tell a smaller, more personal Superman tale. There are some nice graphic novels under Superman’s yellow belt that have many quiet moments and smaller narratives. I’d agree with you that they won’t take that route. Superhero films are sadly formulaic in that regard, and they’re only getting bigger and bigger.

        At least MOS2 will probably still be better than Superman Returns! Ha!

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